Room 317

26th August

I’m excited to share my first short film project with you!

When we initially discussed the concept for Room 317, the role appealed to me immediately. I wanted to create a fun and fashionable piece of video content for Perks of Her but most importantly I loved the deeper message the film communicates.

Written and directed by Jonathan Pease, this short film is a comment on the addictive relationship young people have with social media. As I spend lots of time on social media for my job, it really resonated with me.

The concept is abstract, and a few people have already had questions about the meaning from seeing it on my YouTuibe channel. I love questions by the way! To break it down a bit, my character running through the hotel changing personas and moods represents how people change their public image on social media with filters, retouching and by only shooting selfies when they’re doing brag worthy things! Also, my character is in a perpetual loop… a never ending nightmare… this represents the deep hole people can get into when they let social media run their life rather than the other way around.

I really hope you enjoy the film and please, keep the questions coming – lets chat!

SE xx



Big thanks to everyone involved, including my dear friends SwarovskiChupa ChupsQT HotelsVeri VeraMax MayMargaret ZhangCandid ProjectsRumble Studios, M.M Media Management and The Juicy Club

Behind the scenes photography by the amazing Margaret Zhang from ShineByThree.




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