Hair & Makeup  MAX MAY

Photography  EMILY ABAY

Creative Direction and Styling SARAH ELLEN


Let’s take it back.

Think (or Google) Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue Magazines from the 50’s through to 70’s. And most importantly, think Diana Vreeland (definitely Google her)… She was such an icon and visionary. For her, it wasn’t about just creating beautiful images, but creating powerful stories. Stories that made her readers feel something. Diana saw beauty in people where others saw flaws. She said, “push their flaws until they are the most beautiful thing about them!” – I love this. Still to this day I feel we’re all on a journey to appreciate our individuality (flaws and all!)

After watching the ‘The Eye has to Travel’ (a documentary about Vreeland – see the trailer here) I was feeling incredibly inspired. I wanted to create a 60’s inspired shoot – where colour, expression and freedom was everything! And what better brand to collaborate with, than YSL Beaute. Yves Saint Laurent was one of the pioneers of bold & bright colours.

SE xx

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