Denim Daze

24th August

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Bondi – 10:30am. Kinda hot. Kinda cold. Can Sydney make its mind up? Figuring out what to wear in this unpredictable weather is making me a little (fruit) loopy. HA – see what i did there?

Gav & I decided to take a trip down to the skatepark with our trusty hair & makeup artist, Georgia Hull. It was my first time ever shooting on film and as a control freak I was super nervous. The day was full of “Did we get the shot?” “Should we shoot it again?” and “We’ll have to wait and see”.

I’m used to having my fingers on every aspect of the shoot, whether it’s the photography, styling or editing. So not being able to see any of the shots until 2 or 3 days later, after the film was developed, made me a little anxious. I just had to trust the process and breath (deeply).

In the end I found it really fun to shoot on film. When have you breathed your way through a situation? Leave me a comment below.

SE xx


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